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New Instagram Exciting Features After 2020 Updates

some of the top networking online platforms in recent days is Instagram. Taking of photos can be done when one has Instagram. Application of filters can be done before one decides to have those photos posted. It can also allow one to post videos. This is achieved when having a profile of their own. One may wonder how to create a profile but it is not a hard task and it involves signing up their preferred usernames and email addresses. After profile creation, you need to add followers and also make your account visible to your followers. Those people who follow your Instagram page are able to view any post you make and make their comments or like the post. Your post will also be available on their news feed. Gaining of the Instagram pages one has can be done through the use of many devices among them being handheld mobile phones and android devices. Moreover, it can be accessed from a computer’s web. It is easier to have to upload your photos and videos when using a mobile app. in Instagram other features such as story features is present. They usually show stories that were published in the last 24 hours. After the time span is over, the stories disappear. The current growing levels of technology has a key role in the development of all Instagram features. These features are effective in keeping up with friends. Consequently, they can also be used as tools of marketing. It is important to keep reading this article to learn about these features.

The latest Instagram version also comes with enough space for storage of videos which is not present in the older version of Instagram. Lack of archives where one could store the videos they have done live made it impossible for one to have it anytime they needed it. Retrieving of a video that was done live has become very easy due to the availability of Instagram archives. Sharing the videos on other platforms after they have been shot and stored in the archives of Instagram is also very possible. Examples of videos one is able to store in Instagram archives include live streams. The period one is able to access their videos in the Instagram archives is thirty days. From the archives, one can also decide to download their videos too. One is encouraged to view this product since it is very easy to use and does not require one to learn how to use the page. Very minimal learning is required for one to operate the website.