The Awful Feeling of a Pinched Nerve in My Upper Back

We were planting flower bulbs as a volunteer project working to beautify one of those large traffic lane separators at an intersection. It was in sore need of renovation as it has overgrown with weeds. We pulled all the weeds and dug up the couple of small trees that were growing there. We replanted the whole thing. It was a lot of work stripping it done to bare soil and making tiered planting beds. We got it done in a day, but I had to call my chiropractor in SF the next day. I hurt my back unloading a truckload of mulch by myself. I was really working the shovel as the bed of the truck did not tilt. I felt something in my back kind of pop, but I worked the rest of the day without much discomfort.

The next morning I was really hurting. My back was aching and burning at the same time. I went in to see my chiropractor in SF who adjusted my back after an initial examination. I felt a tremendous amount of relief after he did one manipulation that was for my upper back. It was like whatever got popped out of place was now popped back into place. I felt the pain melt away, and there was a warm rush of feeling back into my shoulders and into my arms. What I was describing was relief from a pinched nerve in my upper back. I must have caused a disc misalignment with the vigorous shoveling of mulch that I was doing the day before.

I was glad to have that odd tingling, burning and aching pain go away as it kept building and building as the hours ticked by. I was told by the chiropractor that people experience this at varying levels and sometimes go untreated for years. Or, they take prescription pills or over-the-counter pills to mask the pain when treatment for real relief is available.