I Wrecked My Dirt Bike

I admit that I had been drinking a little, but I was certainly not drunk when I wrecked that dirt bike. The guy who darted in front of me was a different story, and I sort of wish that I had hit him. It probably would have hurt him a lot less than when he wrecked the bike about five minutes later. I did not come out nearly so bad as he did. I took some aspirins, or actually alleve and then a few days later I found a Huntington chiropractor to work on my back. I do not think it was a real serious issue, but I also got the idea that it was not going to go away and no one needs to struggle to get out of the bed every morning. It was pretty obvious after a couple of days that my back was going to get stiff every time that I laid in the bed for any period of time.

The bike is a different matter altogether. I can not see how it is going to ever motivate again. The good thing is that it is probably only worth a couple hundred dollars. I got it when I was still in high school and I have had it for about eleven or twelve years, it has been out in the mountains hundreds of times. I have not ever done very much to keep it up either, so the chances are that it would have probably bitten the dust out of neglect at some very near point in the future. So it is not like I am going to cry over it. However I would have preferred it if I had gotten some more time out of it. Abby is not going to want to see it replaced.