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How to Use Technology and Speed-Up Commercial Loans Application Approval It does not matter whether you are a broker or a borrower, but timing is one of the most crucial things for quicker commercial loans approval. The lender and the borrower will have a fast approval time, and therefore complete the deal in a more convenient way. The approval letter will only come at your convenient time if only you put the timing factor ahead of the deal. If you are a borrower, what is the quickest method to get the documents and submit to the lending institution? Some of you may think that they are going to wait for a while until the lender approves everything. Of course, you will wait if you don’t have an easier way to get the documents delivered to the lender as soon as possible. Definitely, a business owner must be very proactive to find and deliver the documents to prevent the business from collapsing. Nowadays, information can be accessed at the comfort of your home, courtesy of the internet. Therefore, you should utilize the technology to facilitate the approval of the commercial loan and save your business. However, the information technology is not common to every borrower out there. This article will teach you the reliable ways to utilize the technology instead of spending days searching for verification documents.
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The pictures of the collateral are required by a lender in order to approve the loan request. Many of the borrowers will take the pictures right at the site and then take to the lenders’ offices. However, neither the borrower nor the lender should wait for such a time-consuming process The least time-consuming method to get the property pictures is through Google Earth search. Google Earth can give real-time photos of the existing situation about the property. Avoid sending out of date pictures to the lender, and thus check the date mentioned alongside the picture. However, you can assure the lender the real-time pictures will be sent during the loan approval process.
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The lender also requires knowing the property details such as property size and any other valuable thing within the premise. You should not waste so much time trying to dig up the details because the lender may also find it hard to trace information about the property. The ideal way to get the information is by use of an online tool known as LoopNet because it gives history of properties and other details. Apart from being a free online tool, it is also useful to lenders because they can know whether the collateral is legitimate or not. If you are in the process of applying for a commercial loan, it is necessary to give the lender every relevant detail on time. Don’t forget that the loan should be acquired at the right time. The good thing with the whole process from loan application to approval is done online.