Best Haircuts for Round Faces

The best haircuts for a woman with a round face include different styles in various lengths. With any cut, the length needs to flatter her face’s full shape. The cut also needs to frame and balance her youthful features like her mouth and eyes. Whether the hairstyle is short, medium, or long, they all have similar but explicit elements that look best with round faces.

There are certain short styles that can exaggerate or accentuate fullness but the best haircuts do not need to be a certain length. One style that works well with a full face is one that gives height at the crown with spikes or lifted bangs. This style helps to bring attention to their eyes instead of the widest areas and elongate their face. Cuts that have a length just below the ear or chin should be chosen instead of a cut that hits right at the cheeks or ear. If you have curly hair, it could cause this style to look wider so you should add a little more height to lengthen the face.

You can also use a medium-length haircut to create the illusion of a longer face. This hairstyle can be pulled back while creating volume at the crown with the use of bangs. This will give a variety to the style and flatter the natural shape of their face. Using subtle layers will work better than having choppy blunt sectors that feather outward or tuck behind your ear. Another style that works with medium-length haircuts are the ones that a slight inward curve that hits right around your shoulders also work well. If your hair is curly you may need to have it thinned out some to prevent it from having a widening effect.

One of the best haircuts for women with a round face is having a long length. This will elongate her face and create a harmonizing balance. The most dramatic effect can be gotten from straight, sleek styles that frame the face. If you have curls or soft, natural wave without too much width it can pull your face down slightly because hair weighs more. Typically, curly or thick hair will need some layering and thinning on a long cut. A long cut will also work better if you have curls and natural waves instead of bulkier, tighter waves and curls.

A certain bang style works with the best haircuts for women with round faces. You should stay away from straight or blunt cut bangs because they appear to shorten your face and make it appear wider. Choose bangs that sweep to the side or do not use bangs at all. If you have a style with height and length straight or thick bangs go with these styles.