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Nuts and Bolts – Very Interesting Facts That You Must Learn About It In this present time and age, albeit the continuous advancement of technology and the advent of internet, when it comes to fixing, many people all over the world still prefer to make use of the nuts and bolts because these things are not just simple, it is also very effective to use. And also, when it comes to nuts and bolts, they are being used in each and every aspects of our lives, beginning from holding out cars together to holding applications that are said to be of high strength like crash barriers in its right and proper place. And just like any other materials that are being used in fixing, nuts and bolts also comes in many different sizes on both the imperial and the modern standard of measurements. With regards to nuts and bolts, another important thing that you need to know about it is that it also comes in two types, the plain steel and the stainless steel hence, you have the option of choosing either of the two when purchasing it. Stainless steel is what many people, especially plumbers and roofers, would choose when it comes to fixing the outside portion of your home or your establishments since these areas are the ones always being exposed to sunlight and rain which may cause rusting but with stainless steel, that will never happen. On the contrary of it, if you are going to do the fixing inside without the presence of elements like rain or sunlight, then you can choose to use plain steel instead of the stainless steel cause between the two, plain steel is much sturdier and much stronger plus, you need not have to worry about rusting as that will not happen. This is the very reason why before you proceed on choosing what type of nuts and bolts you are going to use for the fixing, proper care and proper knowledge about the kind of fixing to do is very important and a must. If we are going to trace down the history of nuts and bolts, we can actually say that these materials have been in use for centuries with the earliest possible applications being done in the construction of horse drawn carriages. In line with this matter at hand, the very first machine that was used for cutting screw thread was actually invented in France by a man named Besson in the year fifteen sixty eight.
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Even though it was actually a long time ago ever since the day the machine for cutting screw threads was discovered, for the next hundred years, there was not much progress happened, not until the beginning of sixteen forty one when Hindley, a man from England, improved the process of the machine which resulted it to become a widespread equipment being used.
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These days, there are now so many machines that are mass producing nuts and bolts every single day.