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Eating Healthy with Minimal Cooking

Most people the world over desire to eat healthy meals. There are those who think that you must be an expert cook for you to eat healthy meals. There is no truth in this assumption because even those without culinary expertise can still achieve healthy eating. This does not in any way imply that good culinary skills are not essential in life. Many people wish to be always eating healthy meals hence the desire to have the skills. The same can also be achieved without using complex cooking methods.

It is possible to use ordinary ingredients to prepare tasty and healthy foods. This does not mean that even those without cooking skills cannot use the sophisticated ingredients to prepare healthy meals. The equipment you have in your kitchen should also not be deterrence to preparing healthy meals. If you own some few cooking pots and pans you still can cook healthy foods just like the person who has sophisticated kitchen gadgets.

How can a person without cooking skills prepare healthy meals? People without cooking expertise can use several recipes. A case in point is the preparation of fish cakes. For you to prepare this delicacy, you only need to purchase crab meat from a shop near you. Additives would serve to boost flavor especially for those who are not expert chefs. Chili and spring onions would serve this purpose perfectly.

Place all additives and an egg in a bowl and mash them. Mix them thoroughly to make a thick paste obviously after adding a pinch of salt. If you have bread crumbs then they can also be used in this method. Immerse the crab meat in the paste formed by the mashed up ingredients. The soaked crab meat should then be fried for about three minutes for it to cook properly. The result will be a simple meal that did not take you long to prepare. The whole process did not also require you to use special culinary skills.

Purchase of ready meals for those who do not like cooking is also an option. However, try to avoid processed foods. Very many food outlets are nowadays selling ready prepared meals that are prepared just like home dishes. This is a good solution for those who wish to avoid cooking in its entirety. Healthy burritos are an excellent example of ready prepared meals that can be preserved in a freezer to be consumed in portions over a period of time. In general, if you want to avoid lots of cooking and still eat healthy, go for organic foods such as vegetables. They are easy to cook and are also friendly to the environment since they can decompose hence they do not lead to environmental pollution.