A Simple Plan: Restaurants

Some Pointers for an Efficient Restaurant Management There are three areas that cover a restaurant schedule and these are the operations in the kitchen, food service and maintenance. Each area is advisable to have separate spreadsheet that will contain employee assignments, brief description of their tasks, task period, and the expected outputs. Also include the name of the person who will be filling up the report and submitting it. It is suggested to develop an accurate and organized schedule for each of this area in the restaurant operations in order to manage personnel, control expenses and thus organize the jobs. Restaurant owners can also create a rotating work shifts for its employees in the restaurant schedule. Labor costs will be reduced if you manage the work hours of your employees for example by work shifts. You can have each group overlap another by having one group as skeleton crew during low business hours, and the other group would work extended hours especially during peak time. You can also have a rotation among your employees so they work extended hours at least once a week. When an employee has an emergency leave, others can take over the available work time.
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Payments and purchases should also be incorporated in your restaurant schedule. By setting up the dates in paying rent, bills, electricity and so on, you are also guided in setting up dates in buying ingredients and other food supplies. Replenishing your inventory is better done when you do not have payables to pay during the week.
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It is also a good idea to create a restaurant schedule for a budget meeting with your staff. By involving your staff during budget meetings, you can discuss and get ideas from them on how to reduce costs that will improve the income of the restaurant. A topic in your budget meeting could be about changing an expensive supplier to a cheaper one, and discuss it with your chef to assure that the quality and flavour of your food is maintained. Another suggestion is having a restaurant schedule of work for every employee. Assigning people to open the restaurant in the morning and the employees who will prepare the place as the restaurant opens are important management tasks. The tasks could cover mopping up the floor, arranging the tables and chairs, setting up the place mats, table napkins and utensils, and placing menu cards on the tables. Should include in your schedule too to make the kitchen crew clean the utensils and other kitchen tools and equipment, and prepare the day’s ingredients. When the day ends, make the same assignments process in the morning, only the opposite.